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5. Sentence:

A sentence is a group of clauses, conveying a complete meaning. A sentence is the form which carries all the five Units of English by remaining one of the five Units of English.

i. It is possible only when all the members support this project. ( 1 main clause and 1 subordinate clause).

ii. Do not try to be smart ( 1 main clause).

iii. When you come to my house, please, bring that book. (1 main clause and 1 subordinate clause).

iv. He is intelligent but he is lazy. (2 main clauses).

v. Since the students have not yet paid their fees, the exam was not conducted yesterday. (1 subordinate clause and a main clause).

These are the basic Units of English. Here after you can enter the next area of Perfect English.

So far we have clearly understood the following terms.

i. Units of English language

ii. Alphabet

iii. Consonant

iv. Vowel

v. Letter

vi. Word

vii. Nominal phrase or Noun phrase

viii. Verbal phrase

ix. Main clause

x. Sub-ordinate clause

xi. Sentence

These are the utter basics which constitute English language. From the first unit of the five Units of English language, we have come to the unit of sentence.

Go through this page once again so as to understand all these
Units of English without any doubt. This slow-approach will give you strong foundation to go ahead with your journey of learning of the Basics of English language.


Understanding the Basics of English(Grammar) very clearly will give you the strong foundation needed to become a very good communicator.

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•      Participle


     Passive Voice

       Degrees of Comparison


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•        Present Tense

        Past Tense

            Future Tense

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