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Welcome! This first level on Grammar presents the various grammatical forms and relates them to meanings and uses.The clear explanations and the examples will help you understand the Grammar and help you make your own sentences.After you finish this level, you will be in a better position to form your own sentences of various natures.

Every unit in this section, on Grammar, addresses a particular point.So it is better for you to take your own time to understand every unit.

Every now and then review the sections that you completed so that your understanding of those sections will be refreshed.TORTOISE (a-section-a-day) method is the best one to produce the desired results.

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Here you will find examples for all English Grammar Terms.

Grammar Page Continuation

Your First Lesson is on the Basic Units Of English…     Units Of English

How many parts are there in English?                           Parts of English

The three pillars of a language…                            Subject-Object-Predicate

How is the Verb related to the Subject?                        Verb and Subject

How many types of Nouns are there?                             Noun-Types

What are the Nouns as per the Gender?                           Noun-Gender

Is the Nominative case the only case?                             Noun-Cases

Is the Noun ‘sky’ singular or plural?                                Noun-Number

What are the functions that a Noun plays?                       Noun-Functions

How is a Pronoun related to a Noun?                                  Pronoun

How many types of Verbs are there?                                    Verbs

How is the verb BE special?                                            Grammar : Verbs

Go to the special section on Verb Be to continue.

What is an Adjective meant for?                                                 Adjective

Why is an Adverb used in a sentence?                                        Adverb

Is the word ‘after’ a Conjunction or not?                                 Conjunction

How is a Preposition used in a sentence?                                   preposition

How many Articles are there?                                                     Articles

What is a Gerund? Is a Gerund a Noun or not?


What is the difference between a Gerund and an Infinitive?     Infinitive

Why is a Participle used in a sentence?                                     Participle

What are the changes that Voice makes in a sentence?               Voices

Why is the Passive Voice a special one?                                     Passive Voice

How to compare one with another?                                  Degrees of Comparison

What are the words used to express our emotions?                   Interjection

How many manners are there in which a verb can be used?       Moods

What are the different types of Sentences?                                 Sentences

How to differentiate the Tense-forms?                                        Tenses

To know about the Present Tense…                                          Present Tense

To know about the Past Tense…                                               Past Tense

To know about the Future Tense…                                          Future Tense

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