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1. What does the baby do with the pebbles?
Ans. The baby tries to eat the pebbles thinking that it is real food.

2. What does the baby do with the book?

Ans. The baby tears the pages of the book and laughs.

3. When does the baby laugh?
Ans. When her brother scolds her and moves his head in anger, she laughs at it.

4. Why does the washer man brings donkeys?
Ans. The washer man brings donkeys to carry away the dirty clothes.

5. What is the funniest thing the baby does?
Ans. The baby laughs at her brother whenever he is in anger and scolds her.

6. Do you think the baby sister is really silly? Why?
Ans. No, the baby sister is really not silly because she is very small child and doesn’t know anything.

7. Fill in the blanks to spell words from the story.
Ans. Silly, Naughty, Pebbles, Excitement, Streets, Donkey, Scold, Lessons.

8. Write similar words from the story.
Ans. Foolish – silly
Stones – Pebbles
Mischievous – Naughty
Fetch – Bring

9. Fill in the blanks with words:
Children, they, bell
Ans. The children are playing in the field.
They are happy.
They are playing ‘catch me if you can’.
The bell has rung. It is time for lessons.

10. Fill in the blanks.
Ans. (i) One child many childrens.
(ii) One fox, many foxes.
(iii) One duck, many ducks.
(iv) One goose, many geese.

11. Add ‘ful’ to make a word.
Ans. (a)The children are playful.
(b) The flowers are beautiful.
(c) The books are useful.
(d) The vegetables are plentiful.

12. Add ‘ly’ to make a word.
Ans. (a) The new shoes are lovely.
(b) He is really smart.
(c) We should eat slowly.
(d) Let us sing softly.

13. Add ‘ish’ to make a new word.
Ans. (a) That girl is always crying. She is childish.
(b) I slipped on a banana peel. I feel foolish.
(c) My sister is babyish.

14. Write five sentences on how you help at home.
Ans. (i) I help mother in cleaning the house.
(ii) I help father by fetching him the newspaper.
(iii) I also help my younger brother in his studies.
(iv) I also help my sister with learning the dance steps.
(v) I do lots of work in the house.

15. Say Aloud.
Ans. (a) Donkey
(b) Monkey
(c) Turkey
(d) Sister
(e) Mother
(f) Father

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